Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tour de Fat Cat

Happy Summer Solstice- usually this is not a happy occasion, but the weather has been glorious, and from this point on- days get shorter. For those of us looking forward to Autumn Equinox. I know there are lots of you, which means I may not be such a freak after all.

I joined Team Fat Cat, for Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. Which means that during the Tour de France, you spin up some fiber, show some pictures, and can win some prizes. There is not one time where I look at that Ravatar, and don't laugh. That is Slushie, Ginny's cat.

It's also a bit of an earworm, because I keep hearing Kraftwerk's Tour de France in my head. And Autobahn, The Model- gahhhh!

The garden is just glorious this year- so far. I already have some tomatoes growing. Just those cherry ones. (did I use the word "glorious" again?)

I need to block this- I almost ran out of yarn. I discovered I really like silk/merino.

And because I have boatloads of handspun, I am making a Springtime Bandit shawl with Fat Cat Magnolia Polwarth. I have to keep myself calm while the postal strike is on.

Certain kittyboys are allowed on the table, so he can look out the patio doors. Not when daddy is home.


Carrie K said...

Special kitty boys - who incidentally, appears to be wasting away -does he need to come live with Auntie Carrie & get some tuna?

That shawl is glorious - I really love the edging colors.

Oh yes, thank you for reminding me! The days are going to start getting shorter! Halleujah. Hate it being light so darn late!

Gale said...

Like you, I too wait for fall, despite the recent beautiful weather. Love the shawl.

Rebekah said...

Ohhh I love chubby kitties! I wish our weather was glorious, its hot and muggy and I hate it. I want the Autumn Equinox!

Oh I so need to spin.

Jeanne said...

I have seen cats on my table too - although I'd never admit it! Love the handspun shawl...very pretty!

Chris said...

Happy solstice! Here it's been raining. Then raining. Then raining some more. *sigh*

My kitties ignore the no kitties on the table rule, too.

mrspao said...

When you said Tour de Fat Cat, I really thought you were talking about KC! :) When we used to have the seven cats, we tried like mad to stop them from sitting on the table but they ignored us. We would arrive home from work each day and as we put the key in the door, you invariably heard a thud from where a cat was getting off the table!

Your knits and peonies look amazing :)

Nicole said...

One of these days I will participate in the TDF. (I say that every year...)

Live the shawl! I can't wait to see what it looks like blocked!

HelenKnits said...

Love your shawl and the peonies are so beautiful.

Sonya said...

That really is a great Ravatar. Do you have peonies blooming now? Did you spin the silk/merino? I'm spinning some now and it's yummy.