Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Light My Fire

The weather here continues to be fine. We've only had a few sort of sticky days, and even that wasn't too bad. All in all, summer is going fairly quickly this year.

The flowers are happy . I really haven't had to water, and I already have some cherry tomatoes.

Normally, I don't name my projects, but I am calling this shawl "Fire Walk With Me" and some of you will get the Twin Peaks reference. An amazing project, amazing yarn, I loved it.

This is Springtime Bandit, a free pattern, done in my handspun Fat Cat Polwarth in Magnolia. I am obsessed with handspun- which is good, because Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday.

Kitten Chow has become a bit of an escape artist, having made it out to the porch a few times. I hope he knows that it is a cruel kitty world out there, and not many people would allow him to perch on the dining room table, on a colorful towel.

Will someone explain this to him?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tour de Fat Cat

Happy Summer Solstice- usually this is not a happy occasion, but the weather has been glorious, and from this point on- days get shorter. For those of us looking forward to Autumn Equinox. I know there are lots of you, which means I may not be such a freak after all.

I joined Team Fat Cat, for Tour de Fleece on Ravelry. Which means that during the Tour de France, you spin up some fiber, show some pictures, and can win some prizes. There is not one time where I look at that Ravatar, and don't laugh. That is Slushie, Ginny's cat.

It's also a bit of an earworm, because I keep hearing Kraftwerk's Tour de France in my head. And Autobahn, The Model- gahhhh!

The garden is just glorious this year- so far. I already have some tomatoes growing. Just those cherry ones. (did I use the word "glorious" again?)

I need to block this- I almost ran out of yarn. I discovered I really like silk/merino.

And because I have boatloads of handspun, I am making a Springtime Bandit shawl with Fat Cat Magnolia Polwarth. I have to keep myself calm while the postal strike is on.

Certain kittyboys are allowed on the table, so he can look out the patio doors. Not when daddy is home.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dude, Where's My Camera?

If it seems a long time since I posted, my camera is pooched, and I want another one, and FC is supposed to get me one- or something, so I'm using Laura's, and that's all I'm going to say on that subject- except that I"M NOT HAPPY.

We have slipped into summer mode at Chez Sheriff, even though it doesn't officially begin until June 21- but as you can probably guess, we had record temperatures yesterday. Woof.

Miss Mew graduated with Honors- and will write her Law Society exam in August. In the meantime, I am spending some wonderful time with her, before she heads off to career land.

And she got some beautiful pink roses.

I have begun a lace project, which I am completely in love with. The pattern is La Cumparsita- and that amazing yarn is from Twisted Fiber Art- in the"Embers" color. This was custom dyed so that the grey areas are in the main body of the shawl- and the bigger leaf edging morphs into red/orange. It's amazing, and so much fun.

I did another pair of Monkeys, and I am really s-l-o-w in coming to realization that hand knitted socks are incredible to wear. Fair Isle will have to wait. I hope to have the green one done around September, but the only schedules around here are self-imposed- and I don't like to be micro-managed at the best of times.

I read both of these. The first one "Hit By A Farm"- is more about the beginning of their sheep farm, and coming to terms with a major lifestyle change. In "Sheepish" she learns what those fiber freaks are all about- and embraces knitting, and spinning, as well as the allure of yarn. Her writing style is witty, but not silly. I liked them.

Kitten Chow fails to understand why his mealtimes are micro-managed, and wants to know why food is not available on demand.