Monday, April 25, 2011

What's It All About, Alfie?

In some ways, Spring is moving fast. Last week both of my darling kinders finished post-secondary education. Alex has a full time IT job, and Laura will be doing co-op at a large criminal law firm in downtown Toronto- I am thrilled for them both.

I will tell you what I have been doing, and also what I haven't been doing.

I made this scarf with some handspun. It's called Saroyan, and it's a freebie on Ravelry.

This is a really large and detailed cross stitch- and I want to finish it before October for my 25th wedding anniversary.

I made a key lime cake, and put the dreaded Peeps around it- but don't you love the red Gerberas? I think they're my favorite flowers.

I have also been reading, but frankly am too lazy to tell you about the books- because they really weren't that interesting.

While I'm not depressed, alot of things have been happening lately, and I don't seem to be able to stop these things from upsetting me. I walk around with a knot in my stomach, and I know it's silly to worry about things I really have no control over- I guess it's my nature, and what can you do when you are hard-wired to be a worrier?

I have a low boredom threshold at the best of times, but nothing is doing it for me. I can't get into spinning, knitting or cooking, and I know I should go out for a walk every day- but I can't make myself do it. Whatever this malaise is, I sure hope it passes.

It's high squirreling season- and a kitty has alot to keep track of.


Gale said...

Hopefully the weather will brighten up and help with the malaise. Lovely scarf, and congratulations to the graduates.

Sel and Poivre said...

My nature is just as you describe and it took a Standard Poodle Puppy to drag me out the door twice a day, every day. The added benefit of the breed is if you groom yourself it is also a very satisfying fiber-ish activity!

Bridget said...

Lorraine - congrats to your kiddos!

I have been feeling malaise-y and also tense lately too. Not sure why, but I'm hoping it won't last too long, as it really bugs me ...

Toni said...

Hey Lorraine.. I am sorry to hear how you have been feeling. I hope it passes. You shawl is very pretty. Congrats on the kiddos success too!!!

Nicole said...

Feel better! I agree with Gale - I hope the weather turns cheery soon to help out.

Rebekah said...

Yum! Key-LIme Cake. I have to have the recipe. Would you share?

Oh I so understand. I have had constant heart palpitations going on 6 months now and its making me sick, and since there's nothing medically wrong (wore a heart monitor for a day) I know it must be something in my brain.

I hope we both get away from this funk very soon.

Chris said...

Oh, I hope the spring weather helps cheer us both up!

And yay for the kidlets! :)

Carrie#K said...

This too shall pass? I'm with you on uncontrolled happenings. And change. Not a fan of either and yet - oh well.

I hope you feel better about it all soon! Good news about the kids though. I love that cross stitch.

mrspao said...

Such good news about your children's jobs :) You've made some lovely things so you should be proud of yourself! I know it is hard not to worry - I'm the same!!

Brigitte said...

Wow, really? Post-secondary is done already?! Yay! Oh wait. They're still living at home.

Maybe it's all the change going on. I know that when I feel overwhelmed, I shut down and can't bring myself to do anything.

The Knitter's Fair should help us.

Linda said...

Well done to the children on there jobs, you must be proud! the pie looks lovely and that scarf is too.
I hope you get your oomph back soon. I go through phases like that and I think they do just pass of their own accord eventually.