Monday, March 28, 2011

Never Wake A Dragon

This is an odd time of year. The sun is really warm, but the temperature is cold. So I sit near a window to get the sunshine fix. Spring is here.

Laura's Beardies are hilarious- Suzy is on top of Zelda, and wasn't happy about being woken up-she's flaring her beard and trying to look scary. They are so cute and funny.

I've been having a blast spinning, and my new BFF (Best Fiber Friend) is Ginny at Fat Cat Knits- who dyes the most incredible fiber on the planet. This is Polwarth in 'Magnolia", and I never wanted it to end. I've been trying to slow down my treadling, and take my time. I've also learned alot about different fibers and dyers. I'm not a merino type person, more the Shetland, Romney and of course the Polwarth, which is smooth and lovely and has "grab" to it. If I live to be 100, I'll never know all there is to know about spinning and fiber, and that fascinates me.

I finished the edging on my Hap Shawl. I should name it "Sweetie Darling" because I watched all 5 seasons of AbFab while doing it. I just need to block it.

Mr. Sir has been ramping up is campaign for more food, but we are not giving in. We really don't know what he'll do next- and I've been brushing him and giving him lots of love, but he isn't fooled by diversion tactics.

And Dragons don't scare him.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Joys of Staying Home

Happy St. Patricks day. We're celebrating with corned beef and cabbage for dinner, which is one of our favorites at Chez Sheriff. I only wish I could decide what to eat every day. I've tried menu plans, and can't stick to them. To be honest, I get tired of cooking, but I dislike eating out even more. You get to the place, you're starving. Everybody has to figure out what they want. The waitperson introduces themselves, asks if you want a drink. After messing around and deciding, then you have to wait, or worse, stuff yourself on bread, and wait some more. Finally, you get your food, eat it (hopefully it's what you wanted), then mess around with the dessert. Then the waitperson disappears, and all you want is your bill so you can go home. Then you pay- you could have bought 2 weeks groceries for what you just paid for 4 people. No, I am not alot of fun to go out with.

Just think of how much yarn/fibre you could have had.

Like this BFL from Three Waters Farm-in Oaks and Hickories. Way more fun than a plate of food.I'm doing the edging on my Jamieson and Smith Hap shawl. This is knitting purgatory- but I am waiting for some Spindrift, because I changed my mind about a colour in my Fair Isle.

It will probably be done by autumn. Maybe.

I am not much of a fiction reader, but this is interesting. I've read 3 or 4 of her other titles, and she's a really great writer. This one is about a plain woman whose husband dies, and she continues his historical work on her village, and Anne of Cleves (Henry the VIII's 4th wife) called , unkindly, The Flanders Mare. Flora feels it her duty to dispel ugly rumours about Anne- and spends time with Holbeins portrait.

Spring is imminent- I went to buy some clothes yesterday. It's crummy how stores only cater to uber-skinnies, with pants having low waistlines. I got some cargoes at Eddie Bauer- but only because they were on sale. I can still manage to get into a size 14- I would be happier with a 12-
but dieting makes me crabby. I guess that's fairly obvious. The garden needs cleaning up, and another year of grass cutting begins.
Mr. Chow is down a few pounds, but we are paying. Boy, are we paying for that!

Good thing Michele sent me this adorable monster- she'll keep Mr. Chow in line!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Had Joy, We Had Fun....

.... we had kitties in the sun. The weather has warmed up, and we are due for some heavy rainfall tonight. Tomorrow it is going back to winter temps and snow. But that never bothers me, I love the cold weather. Mister Kitten Chow is enjoying the patch of sun from the other day.

The Hyacinths are blooming in the kitchen and the fragrance is beautiful.

FC is in the process of transferring some of our VHS to DVD- and he made a copy of "Glorious Colour" from 1988. Kaffe Fassett is, to me, an eloquent, highly creative and the kind of person who gets joy and happiness from the process. I haven't watched this in years, and sat down to relive it again- and from needlepoint, to knitting to quilting, I get such inspiration from him. He also was at the forefront of bringing male knitters out of the closet, so to speak- and for that, many should be grateful. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions. He signed my copy of Glorious Inspiration, and we had a nice chat. A few years later I met him at a needlework show here in Toronto- and he was knitting. I heard someone say "oh, his tension is awful, look at that". I smiled to myself- she so totally missed the point. One day, I will work on my Kaffe Fassett quilt, hopefully soon.

Another person I make no secret of admiring is Stephen Fry. This is the second part of his biography, and he has lost none of his charm, candor, and self-deprecating humour. This chronicles his life at Cambridge, his start in comedy, and my favorite part was the section about Rowan Atkinson (Fry was in Blackadder with him)- and Hugh Laurie. I hope I don't have to wait another 14 years for the next part- because I laughed out loud at this too.

In knitting news, not too much excitement. I finished the Malabrigo socks, and made a pair from handspun BFL. It's really amazing to knit with your own handspun- and I know most of you have discovered this already. I am making some changes to my Fair Isle- and that is the state of play, at the moment.

See you soon- happy knitting.