Friday, February 4, 2011

Spinning Fool

" I may be totally wrong, but I'm a Dancin' Fooo-ooo-ll, Yowza Yowza Yowza..."
Frank Zappa

I still didn't find the book from 2 weeks ago- it was called "Stuff" and it was about the hoarding phenomenon, and I find it a little ironic that I can't find it.

Which brings me to this week's book, Slipstream, the autobiography of Elizabeth Jane Howard. She's an English novelist, famously married to Kingsley Amis.

I liked this- she married 3 times, failed as a mother to her daughter, and had several love affairs. She is candid, and lived in a time where it was frowned upon for women to persue a career. I have read several of her books, and they aren't sweetly romantic- not that I have a problem with romance, but she understands the human condition, and her characters are all the more interesting. She's 87 now- so a long and interesting life.

The dental visit went well, all things considered. My main problem is my gums, and I now use an electric toothbrush and special toothpaste, in an effort to stop any further damage that I have inflicted by overzealous scrubbing and flossing.

Spinning continues- I am having a blast- and these are from an Etsy seller- Corriedale and BFL-

and from Woolgatherings on Etsy- 2 Polwarth and 1 BFL- I like this seller because her colors are very clear, and the Polwarth is soft and spun beautifully. Love it.

Mr. Kitten-Chow is wookin pa nub in all the wrong places-I guess trying to keep warm in an uninsulated house. Laura is wearing her Peace Fleece sweater. Maybe I should do one for Mr. Man?


Gale said...

Gorgeous spinning Lorraine.

Linda said...

I am glad the dentist trip was OK, I did the same and have receeding gums!! Gorgeous yarns, are you going to knit them or , like me, store them!!

Rebekah said...

Beautiful spinning! I love those colors, you are right, they are very very vibrant. I really need to get my wheel out.

Chris said...

Well, that sucks - they sure don't warn you when they get you started on brushing and flossing that there can be a dark side, do they?

mrspao said...

Glad dentist trip was ok. Your spinning is beautiful.

Sel and Poivre said...

That just spun yarn is soooo fabulous!

Brigitte said...

I swear by my Oral-B electric, I wouldn't use anything else.

Mr. Man in a sweater. Now I want to be there when you try it on him.

Toni Gomez said...

I love love your so very jealous... Awesome job!!! The Book sounds wonderful too!!!!

Carrie K said...

wookin pa nub?

The spun stuff is pretty darn gorgeous - don't make Mr Man a sweater out of those! (As if).