Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Banner Day

I'm in a terrific mood. I just took my car in for a recall, and they washed it for free. They use so much salt on the roads here, that on a black car you get horrible white salt schmutz on it- so a clean Rabbit makes me a happy bunny.

I have been busy, making....wait for it.... a pair of socks. My friend had some amazing Malabrigo in the most beautiful blue/purple, and I'm using the pattern she did, Wendy's diagonal rib. I don't do toe-up, so this is a bit backwards, but wonderful. I never did "get" the whole sock craze thingy- and while I agree that handknit ones are superior, they do take a long time. I could knit a whole Aran sweater in the time it takes to make a pair. That's not far off the truth.
My new best friend is this Sweet Tortie Polwarth from Fat Cat Knits. Totally and utterly scrummy- so much so, that I ordered some more to make some sort of wearable. As an aside- you may have noticed the sheepskin background. I was having trouble with my back while spinning, so FC got me this. I guess I can be called Gladys (glad+ass) or Happybum.

Should anyone be under the mistaken illusion that my designs work out the first time- sorry. Alot of frogging goes on. It's hard to see in this pic, but the gradation of color in the corrugated rib wasn't right. Usually, I start from dark into light, and decided that I would go the opposite way- it wasn't right. Back to the beginning.

This week's book is part one of Stephen Fry's autobiography from 1997. This man is the funniest, and most eloquent writer out there. I love everything he's done, and I wish I could hang out with him. Part 2 is on it's way here, so I wanted to re-read this. It contains the most hilarious line I have ever read, and actually fell off the chair laughing:

"At the start of the fete, every time moles had been knowingly alluded to as I Prince Michael of Kented my way from stall to stall, I had pretended that I knew what it was all about, but I was dissembling furiously."

It was the first time I had seen anyone use someone's name as a verb. See what I mean? Brilliant. His novels are equally hilarious.

Okay, off to spin. Have a great week, and a carwash.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day Late...

..and a dollar short. How can I tell it is mid-February? I seem to have a bit of cabin fever, I can't focus on anything for too long, and FC is on the couch with the flu. He did give me a box of chocolate truffles, which is nice, after all these years.

I resurrected my new design- and I was stalled for some really dumb reasons. We needed new printer ink (in a house full of techies, you would be surprised how long it took to get more)- and Bewawa delivered to the house, so you see, I couldn't print the chart and see how it would look. I also thought about a long-ago trip to Britain, and the main color is the turquoise blue that you see all over Brighton- a kitschy seaside town, and thus came up with "Brighton Rock". Yes, I did listen to alot of Queen in my youth as well. I admit it.

As well, spinning is taking up alot of my time. It is endlessly fascinating. Not to non-spinners.

I am almost finished the edges of the SS Hap Shawl- (sounds like a boat, doesn't it?)

I am almost done reading this. It's about the Canadian art scene around the time of the first World War. The Group of Seven is famous here, and some would be surprised to learn they only were together a very short time. The death of Tom Thomson, under mysterious circumstances, is part of Canadian folklore- but they represented this beautiful land in a new way. This is well written, and fascinating. I did manage to see the exhibit at the McMichael a few weeks ago.

Kitten Chow is currently on a diet, and is a little grumpy. Just a little.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Spinning Fool

" I may be totally wrong, but I'm a Dancin' Fooo-ooo-ll, Yowza Yowza Yowza..."
Frank Zappa

I still didn't find the book from 2 weeks ago- it was called "Stuff" and it was about the hoarding phenomenon, and I find it a little ironic that I can't find it.

Which brings me to this week's book, Slipstream, the autobiography of Elizabeth Jane Howard. She's an English novelist, famously married to Kingsley Amis.

I liked this- she married 3 times, failed as a mother to her daughter, and had several love affairs. She is candid, and lived in a time where it was frowned upon for women to persue a career. I have read several of her books, and they aren't sweetly romantic- not that I have a problem with romance, but she understands the human condition, and her characters are all the more interesting. She's 87 now- so a long and interesting life.

The dental visit went well, all things considered. My main problem is my gums, and I now use an electric toothbrush and special toothpaste, in an effort to stop any further damage that I have inflicted by overzealous scrubbing and flossing.

Spinning continues- I am having a blast- and these are from an Etsy seller- Corriedale and BFL-

and from Woolgatherings on Etsy- 2 Polwarth and 1 BFL- I like this seller because her colors are very clear, and the Polwarth is soft and spun beautifully. Love it.

Mr. Kitten-Chow is wookin pa nub in all the wrong places-I guess trying to keep warm in an uninsulated house. Laura is wearing her Peace Fleece sweater. Maybe I should do one for Mr. Man?