Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Springer's Final Thoughts

I'm going to post today because later in the week I am going to the dentist, to have an intensive cleaning, and am already suffering major angst over it. It's silly, I know it's silly, but I can't help it.
But I am going to get it over with, and take my own advice.

In terms of knitting and spinning, there isn't alot to show you. This morning I went through my quilting supplies, as my SIL is taking classes, and I offloaded a pile of books, really nice fat quarters, and some other things on her. I have a few major projects left over- and I don't know if any of you are aware of how long it takes to cut, piece and quilt a bedsize quilt- but it is a major time investment. So far, all I have managed to do is make myself completely nuts, so she is doing me a favour by taking it off my hands.

Work continues on the Shetland Supreme Hap shawl:
Not very exciting, I'm afraid.

This week's book, Knitting Heaven and Earth, was a bit sad. I read "The Knitting Sutra" when it came out back when, and it was the first book that I read about knitting that addressed the obsession- in terms of how knitting can take over your life. Finally, someone "got" it. This second book takes place years later. She talks about a major breakup in middle age, as well as her chemo for breast cancer. But it's not a cancer book per se. I was very saddened to read that the author died shortly afterward, because her writing is like that of someone you knew- if you can read this book from the perspective of discussion of craft- then I would recommend this. If you get upset by real life cancer issues- then give this one a miss.

Continuing last weeks post, I will share some other thoughts.

6. Treat those you love like you would a stranger: One thing that has always puzzled me, and I am guilty of this myself, is why we take our nearest and dearest for granted. We say things to them that we would never think of saying to someone we don't know, safe in the knowledge that they will forgive us. Isn't that a little backwards? Don't the ones we love deserve our respect and kindness more than the clerk at the gas station? I don't mean we should slob all over anyone- but a compliment, or doing something nice for your partner- can make all the difference.

7. Acceptance: We have no control over the behavior of others- but we can control our own behavior, and we are capable of learning better behavior. It isn't so much what happens to you, it's more how you deal with things. In alot of situations- YOU are driving the bus. Some people will never change, and in fact, will only get worse. There is a very true adage : "what can't be cured must be endured".

8. Make every day count: Just because it says so on the calendar, you don't have to wait to mark an occasion. In fact, pick up a wonderful cake, a bottle of wine, wear your new shoes- don't save it for something that may never happen. Have a get-together, phone a buddy for no particular reason. Do something each and every day to celebrate living.

9. This is a big one for me: "Own your shit"- I have noticed recently that there are alot of people who never own up to their part in a bad situation. "Love means never having to say you're sorry"- that's crap. It takes a big person to own up- say you're sorry, I was wrong. Don't always wait for the other person to apologize- that may never happen. I have no respect for those kinds of people- the blameless, professional victims. I also don't have time for arrogance, and know-it-all behavior. Can't be doing with any of that. Let's be honest, you can't like everyone- don't waste precious time on others that have an underlying agenda.

10: The most important thing: Laugh: I don't mean to make others the butt of your jokes, but try and find the humour in a situation, and give yourself permission to laugh, especially at yourself. My father thought he was the funniest guy in the world, and he was. He had the best sense of humour, and I hope I have inherited some of that. I laugh at the silliest things. I laugh when I'm alone and with others. I laugh at the cat, because he is hysterical- kids have no hang ups about laughing (or crying for that matter)- and they can be alot of fun to hang out with. My two have me in stitches sometimes. They're great.

Do you think I can laugh my way through the dental visit? Oh, man!


Gale said...

Your list and reasoning are practical and make sense. I think it also helps sometimes to not take everything so seriously.

Jewel said...

I have #10 down pat. Seeing what I do at work is sometimes really sad and I just have to have a release or sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode. So, I laugh and find the humor in everything. People think I'm nuts sometimes but it's my way of coping with things.

And yes - you can laugh through your dental visit. You just have to ask for the right stuff! :-)

carolyninalaska said...

Those are all so practical and I could use a lot more practice. #7 is the one I really have to work on now with some of my family members!

Sel and Poivre said...

I think that hap shawl looks very exciting - I'm a big fan of grey and it just looks so cozy in that wicker basket ready to be picked up and worked on these cold January nights!

Linda said...

Stlii reading that Happiness book!! I tried quilt making and admire anyone who can stick it out. I will stay with my fibre pursuits! Good luck at the dentist. Last time I went I felt the same as you but it really is not so bad. x

Rebekah said...

I love #9, I need to post that in my cubicle. I have your happiness post, posted in my cubicle as its a lot of good reminders.

Happy knitting and spinning when there is time. Time is something we all seem to be lacking lately I think.

Laura said...

I love #6. Its funny how dad reads it, thinks about it, and says thank-you for making dinner, and you tell him to shut up.

Chris said...

That's so sad about the author of The Knitting Sutra - I loved that book...

Your list is really, really good - things that we all need to be reminded of now and then.

Good luck at the dentist!

mrspao said...

Hope you are ok now you've been to the dentist. Also something I've put off as I think my dentist is a bit judgemental and I'm a bit fragile. I'd better get on and either book an appointment with him or find another dentist. I've put it off for months!

I really like your list and am pondering a similar one.

marnie said...

I love your list. I have one too. The Happiness Project is a terrific book! #9 is a tough one for me. It took a long time for me to accept my role in my own divorce. He left me for someone else but I also chose to immerse myself in work, school and child raising... honestly, what was left for him? Now I put more emphasis on simple joy and living in the moment.

Brigitte said...

So, did you laugh your way through the dentist?

Anonymous said...

Excellent list! I totally agree on the treating family members as nicely as you treat strangers. Working very hard on the acceptance thing, but that is very difficult.

Nicole said...

I never tried making a full-size quilt... I've wanted to, but the scope of the thing scares me. I've only made potholders.