Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(Lack of) Progress Report

This year, what is left of it, hasn't been a good one in terms of health and prosperity- I don't know of anyone in my social sphere (such as it is) that has had much positive karma, but 2010 isn't over, and things could still change. If I don't get my act together before **whispers** Christmas comes, I'll be up a certain creek without the proverbial paddle.

Along with that, my knitting mojo and attention span has been really lacking. I'm also having trouble getting much done- I'm lucky if I can manage to put dinner on the table most days. I've been doing my 3rd (this year) Peace Fleece top down raglan- I gave one to Laura.Brigitte gave me this Peace Fleece, in this amazing burgundy. I like Bridge, she always says exactly what's on her mind, and she's a very talented knitter. She's got it all.

I also put together some Spindrift for a new Fair Isle- which will tell the tale of the mermaid in colours- the chart is done, and I need to decide on the shape and pattern. This won't happen until next year, because I refuse to put pressure on myself. It's a buzzkill. I also wrote the pattern for Minstrel, and would like to do that first- but at least I have a plan.

I'm also working on a winter themed cross stitch-I really like the hand dyed floss.

Other than that, my beloved Kitten Chow has been making sure the quilt fabric doesn't get cold. He's such a help.

I'm going to listen to my Charlie Brown Christmas music- it's early, but what the heck.