Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peaches and Pussycats

We are into September- and some much needed cooler weather. The end of summer is a good time at Chez Sheriff- not least because Miss Mew had a milestone birthday. She wore her new pussyfur dress, and we had a lovely dinner downtown. I think Alex is smiling, but I'm not sure. I am so proud of my babies.
She has a new guy in her life as well, who laughs as much as she does- if that is possible. Her dad and I got her 2 collector Barbie's, Betty Draper and Joan Holloway from Mad Men. I guess you're never too old for Barbie's.

Here's a close up of my completed Ishbel shawl. I used Hedgehog Fibres merino/silk in Malice- which is incredibly beautiful.
I used some incredible 100% Alpaca to make these Green Thumb fingerless mittens. I'll be happy to have these in a month or two.

May I have a small rant? Over the summer months, I have been eating organic fruit, meaning alot of peaches and plums. What I find incredibly disappointing is that the growers breed the flavour right out of things. Is it to get a uniform shape? Look at the size of these:

BIGGER THAN KITTEN-CHOWS HEAD!!! How ridiculous is that? I may have to go back to getting the white peaches, but they don't seem to sell organic ones, and peaches are number one on the list of the "dirty dozen" fruits and vegetables.

I am happy that the school year has started, as I think I function better in a routine. I am starting a project that I'll show you next time.


Nicole said...

I too am sad about the size of fruit seeming to replace the taste. Stupid. Who cares how big a peach is if you can't finish it because it's tasteless?

Your Ishbel looks lovely! Very nice work.

miyamojo said...

It's got to have flavor. I'm so spoiled now from our home grown tomatoes. I don't even care if they're small.

Beautiful shawl & mitts.

Happy Birthday Miss Mew! Love your dress and that you got Barbies. I want a custom Barbie that looks like me - it's high on my xmas list! :)

Gale said...

I too love the dress. And happy birthday to your lovely daughter. Love the shot of Ishbel.

Brenda said...

I've been looking for a fun mitt pattern in a DK weight, and Green Thumb looks perfect!
Best wishes to your daughter for a wonderful year!

We had a very cool summer here in CA, which made the peaches late and larger. The Midwest was very wet, which also made peaches larger. The growers also pick them when they are unripe as they ship better, which makes my husband livid, as they don't have as much flavor. I think they have been bred to look ripe even when they are not.

Chris said...

Happy birthday to Miss Mew there. :)

I love the color of Malice!

After spending a summer in South Carolina and tasting fresh, tree-ripened peaches, I haven't been able to eat peaches outside of a peach-producing state. I've had much better luck with nectarines. Peaches always seems to be "mealy", but about 95% of the nectarines I get are not mealy after being counter-ripened appropriately.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Laura -- looks like all things good heading your way!

I've been eating Nectarines from the "local produce" section in Loblaws -- they taste great and are soooooooo juicy - try them!

Rebekah said...

I don't think one is ever too old for the things they enjoy, I love stuffed animals and would buy them constantly if it wasn't for the fact abner eats them.

I agree on the fruit, nothing tastes as good as it did even 5 yars ago. My biggest annoyance is citrus, I can't find oranges (in season) that taste like oranges. ITs cardboard!

Michelle said...

YOur little girl is ADORABLE! Time certainly flies :( but on the bright side to the quick passage of time......... Fall is just around the corner!!

Brigitte said...

Oh, I LOVE Mad Men! I want to see Laura's Barbies. I want a Joan Holloway one. Usually organic fruit have a lot more flavour than the non-organic ones. I've been ordering my organic produce for years, and I can always tell when I'm eating non-organic.

Sonya said...

I want a Peggy barbie doll! And Joan may not want to lug those things around forever, if you know what I mean. ;o) We've been eating some home grown peaches that my grandma froze this summer. Amazing flavor. Like actual peaches!

Love the colors in your Ishbel.

Carrie#K said...

Isn't the point of organic is that it still has some taste?

Oh. Eco friendly. But it should taste better.

Beautiful knits. Daughter.