Friday, September 24, 2010

A Bit of a Case of Baskets.....

I was really hoping, what with some cooler weather here, that my interest in some projects would re-kindle, and instead, rather the opposite is happening. Isn't it weird how we sometimes have the mojo, and at other times...well, bupkiss.

I purchased some wonderful Virtual Yarns re-issue of Bainen (Baw-neen), the ultimate yarn to show off cable definition. My intended project was Malin, which I knit a few years ago, and really liked, and I started it, and promptly put it aside. (How do you spell Meh?)

I turned my attention to finishing up a few things that have been on the list- and sewed some quilt blocks out of some fat quarters in my stash. Those basket handles are bias strips and were sewn on by hand. I now need to cut some squares, and triangles and sew together the top, and add a border. The idea here is to use up stuff that I already have.
Since I ditched my desktop computer (I share with FC now) I have a place for the sewing machine, so I'm quilting this throw that I've had sitting around.
Oh, and I finished this cute sampler from Little House Needleworks- I am really having fun doing cross-stitch.

I've been looking at this page from the September Group of Seven calendar, and sat down with my software and worked up a Fair Isle design using these shades. Hope to see that someday- after Minstrel.

So, if you're out and about, and see my knitting mojo floating around in the ether, send it home, will ya? I'd be most grateful.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peaches and Pussycats

We are into September- and some much needed cooler weather. The end of summer is a good time at Chez Sheriff- not least because Miss Mew had a milestone birthday. She wore her new pussyfur dress, and we had a lovely dinner downtown. I think Alex is smiling, but I'm not sure. I am so proud of my babies.
She has a new guy in her life as well, who laughs as much as she does- if that is possible. Her dad and I got her 2 collector Barbie's, Betty Draper and Joan Holloway from Mad Men. I guess you're never too old for Barbie's.

Here's a close up of my completed Ishbel shawl. I used Hedgehog Fibres merino/silk in Malice- which is incredibly beautiful.
I used some incredible 100% Alpaca to make these Green Thumb fingerless mittens. I'll be happy to have these in a month or two.

May I have a small rant? Over the summer months, I have been eating organic fruit, meaning alot of peaches and plums. What I find incredibly disappointing is that the growers breed the flavour right out of things. Is it to get a uniform shape? Look at the size of these:

BIGGER THAN KITTEN-CHOWS HEAD!!! How ridiculous is that? I may have to go back to getting the white peaches, but they don't seem to sell organic ones, and peaches are number one on the list of the "dirty dozen" fruits and vegetables.

I am happy that the school year has started, as I think I function better in a routine. I am starting a project that I'll show you next time.