Monday, August 16, 2010

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale......

This is not the S.S. Minnow-

Happy Monday- I truly apologize for rabbiting on about the weather, but this summer has been a scorcher. I am celebrating the fact that the humidex reading will be 30 C- because yesterday it was 40- and let me say, totally brutal.

I live fairly close to Lake Ontario- and some friends' ship came in:
Marjorie and her husband Jeff are sailing the Great Lakes, and stopped in Port Credit for a week. I had previously met her a few years back at SMW, and now they are living on the boat, Far Niente full time- you can follow their adventures on their blog- and yes, she is knitting, and sewing- as well as sailing. It was so nice to see her again, and meet Jeff- he's really funny, and so interesting. He didn't mind the mini yarn crawl we did- he went across the street and had a Guinness while we shopped. Marjorie, that man is a treasure.

Oh, and here's their First Mate- Wilson:

In other news, not much knitting going on. I did do a pair of fingerless gloves in some alpaca- they have a leaf on the thumb. I also began an Ishbel, probably being one of the last people on the planet who hasn't done at least one, but the Hedgehog silk/wool was calling me.

I am a stitcher from way back- needlepoint mostly, and a number of years ago, I took up cross-stitch. I had these projects in the closet, and actually finished a few of them.

A Halloween one, and there are little charms in between the letters. I always thought it would be kind of neat to have a Halloween themed set of projects on the wall- and as soon as I frame a few of the other ones, I will do that.

This one says " and the goblins will get you, if you don't watch out".

A sampler- by "Little House Needleworks", which I've become addicted to. I like anything with houses, and some of these are wonderful, without being kitschy. I'm working on one now, that has cows in it- I may hang that in the kitchen.

We've ordered a new front window- with side casements that open, and we're having some garden doors put in leading to the patio. The sliding door is original to the house, and it's costing a bomb because it needs to be custom made. Too bad we didn't do it earlier- but air does get in.

Especially around the kitty-corner-


Brigitte said...

Cool, first!

What front window? The living room? I nearly went mental yesterday with the humidity. Actually, I probably did because I thought standing outside in the lightning storm was a good idea until I thought "hey, wait a minute...".

Gale said...

Glad you've been busy Lorraine. Nice array of finished stuff there. Did you go for a spin in the boat too?

Lorraine said...

Gale- gosh no- I am totally unseaworthy.
But it is a lovely boat.

miyamojo said...

They have Wilson as first mate - that's funny. :)

I like that you're framing & hanging your cross stitch. Great picture of Chow too.

Chris said...

The heat broke here Saturday - it was 77F yesterday and dry! I hope that weather's hitting you now. So much better... I was starting to feel like I needed gills to breath outside.

Rebekah said...

I'm so jealous of them! My husband would do practically anything for that type of living accomodations.

I'm waiting tooth and nail for this heat to break and fall to arrive. It has been a horrid summer.

Michelle said...

I sware we are soul-sistahs from another time! I rarely share my love of needlepoint (it makes me stand out as a relic) around these parts!!! But I do SHOUT my LOVED of all things autumn and HALLOWEEN from the rooftop! I love your new projects :) My current needlepoint project is actually a halloween belt! hahaha so many co-inky-dinks! AND you are not the last of the Mohegans to cast on for the shawlette! I just bought that A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E litte book this week. Ishbel and the cute little baby maryjanes were calling my name. Now ten more days and we will be delivering my son to his soon to be "home away from home" on Lake Ontario! Suny Oswego!

Brenda said...

Lovely cross stitch! I have several cross stitch projects, but they drive me crazy after a bit.

Hope your weather is improving!

Sonya said...

I used to cross stitch a lot too, but once your walls are covered, what to do with it? Knitting is so much more practical.

You may rant about the weather all you want. This summer has been ridiculous. I've stayed inside a lot.

Carrie #K said...

But does Kitten Chow approve of the renovations? He made need his fresh air.

Sweet!! You got to meet Marji and sit on her boat and go on a mini yarn crawl! So jealous.

I love your Halloween themed stuff.

Nicole said...

I love the cross stitch projects! One of these days I'll pick mine back up... *sigh*

Toni said...

I just love this post. Loved hearing of your meet up and your cross stitch projects are wonderful.