Monday, August 16, 2010

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale......

This is not the S.S. Minnow-

Happy Monday- I truly apologize for rabbiting on about the weather, but this summer has been a scorcher. I am celebrating the fact that the humidex reading will be 30 C- because yesterday it was 40- and let me say, totally brutal.

I live fairly close to Lake Ontario- and some friends' ship came in:
Marjorie and her husband Jeff are sailing the Great Lakes, and stopped in Port Credit for a week. I had previously met her a few years back at SMW, and now they are living on the boat, Far Niente full time- you can follow their adventures on their blog- and yes, she is knitting, and sewing- as well as sailing. It was so nice to see her again, and meet Jeff- he's really funny, and so interesting. He didn't mind the mini yarn crawl we did- he went across the street and had a Guinness while we shopped. Marjorie, that man is a treasure.

Oh, and here's their First Mate- Wilson:

In other news, not much knitting going on. I did do a pair of fingerless gloves in some alpaca- they have a leaf on the thumb. I also began an Ishbel, probably being one of the last people on the planet who hasn't done at least one, but the Hedgehog silk/wool was calling me.

I am a stitcher from way back- needlepoint mostly, and a number of years ago, I took up cross-stitch. I had these projects in the closet, and actually finished a few of them.

A Halloween one, and there are little charms in between the letters. I always thought it would be kind of neat to have a Halloween themed set of projects on the wall- and as soon as I frame a few of the other ones, I will do that.

This one says " and the goblins will get you, if you don't watch out".

A sampler- by "Little House Needleworks", which I've become addicted to. I like anything with houses, and some of these are wonderful, without being kitschy. I'm working on one now, that has cows in it- I may hang that in the kitchen.

We've ordered a new front window- with side casements that open, and we're having some garden doors put in leading to the patio. The sliding door is original to the house, and it's costing a bomb because it needs to be custom made. Too bad we didn't do it earlier- but air does get in.

Especially around the kitty-corner-

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's here....

August 1st! Woot! You know what that means, don't you? Summer is half over, and then it will be glorious autumn.

Not a whole heck of alot has been happening here, aside from extreme humidity. I will say, it has been a banner year for tomatoes- we need to find the positive side of everything.

I haven't been knitting, really. I did finish another plain Peace Fleece pullover, but does that actually count? I've also been working on some embroidery and quilting projects- which I will show you next time, and making myself walk for 45 minutes every evening.

Oh, and in case you haven't been hanging around Ravelry- the Red Queen photo shoot was done yesterday:
Notice the giant Queen of Hearts playing card in the hat? Just my sense of humour.

A few weeks ago, FC, Laura and I went on a road trip to North Bay, where we were lucky enough to arrive just in time for shad fly week, and also stopped by at the Commanda Lake General Store- which is now a museum- a kinda creepy one at that.
It was oppressively hot, even up north (and this is actual bush country)- and the beautiful Lake Nipissing's water levels are way down this year.
I brought back some pottery, and we had a wonderful dinner at the Ram's Head in Callendar, then we headed home.

Any plans for prime knitting season? I see that some of the magazines are out already, so get your needles ready.