Friday, April 16, 2010

Does That Come in Size "Huge"?

Hello again. I had a birthday last Saturday, but I was SO not into it. FC and I went shopping, and I got a few new clothes, and we ended up having Swiss Chalet together. I was okay with that. Fc made me the card with David Lynch on it- and it really made me laugh.

The next day, my sister (twin) and my two nieces and I went for a long walk through High Park, out the other side, onto Roncesvalles, and we had a lovely brunch- with scones the size of my head. Then we walked back- roughly 2 hours or more of walking. We visited a few of the houses that my sister and I grew up in, and walked past our old school. It was a nice day. I love my nieces, and my sister too.

I am still sick- and by that I mean upset tummy, and bouts of nausea. This is going into 4 months, and after having some tests, I am being referred to a Gastro specialist. Due to some bloating, I can't fit into my size 12's, and I'll be darned if I'm going to buy the next size up- so it'll be sweat pants and skirts- or perhaps, garbage bags, which would be more fitting to my mood. Sorry to be a Whiney McBitchypants- but that's what I am.

So there hasn't been alot of FO's around here, and I'm knitting when the spirit strikes, which isn't too often. I performed major surgery on my Fair Isle- and I'm back where I started a week ago.
You can just see the openings for the sleeves. I am going to do away with a 3rd border pattern- because nothing is making me happy. My dear friend, and shawl-knitter extradraordinare, Pat, made me this lovely Ishbel.
My other dear friend Jewel sent along a skein of my favorite laceweight, from The Woolen Rabbit- this is "Birch Beer"- and it is so pretty, yet earthy. I also got some other stuff, including a box of See's marzipan- but I ate that.
This made it's way here, via Dragonfly Fibers- 3 wonderful skeins of "Pumpkin King"- Kate is an amazing dyer- and her prices are so reasonable.

New to me, though she has been around a while, Hedgehog Fibres- this is the merino/silk laceweight- Winter Thaw on the left, which has greens and teals in it, and Poseidon, deep purples into blues, grays and teals. I must get my hands on some of her Sour Cherry- which is an incredible red. If you are at all a weak individual, don't look- you will be using that PayPal before you know what hit you.
While we are on the subject of finances- you guessed it, folks- it is TAX TIME!!! A wonderful event in our household whereby FC locks himself away, muttering and swearing, and the object of the game is to see how close to the midnight April 30 deadline you can get. He has a reunion with his fellow thrill seekers every year. Will he make it? Watch this space.