Monday, March 22, 2010

Marching On

I figure that Mondays are a good time for a new post- new week starting, and all that. This one is going to be very random.

I won a skein of yarn over at Jeanne's blog, from Wandering Cat yarns, which was very exciting. Jeanne has amazing taste in yarn, and anything she likes, I know I will too. I did have a bit of an whoopsy into the Rabbit Hole at Hedgehog Fibers....

FC painted the bedroom- an amazing shade of blue "November Sky" and this made me really happy. I also had a huge clear-out of all the clothes that I don't wear, and the things that don't fit- I honestly don't know why I hang onto some things, it's crazy.

My Fair Isle got to a certain point- and I'm still not happy with the charts- so I think it will be in time out until inspiration strikes- and I hope that it is sometime soon. The crowns make me laugh.

I dug out my Ice Fantasia shawl- and I'm adding tons of sparkly iridescent gray beads- this is magic. Sometimes you need to work on something just because it's pretty.

Other than that, my son has a job lined up for the summer, my daughter is doing great at college, and things are humming along.

Lots to be thankful for, for sure. Have a great week.


Gale said...

Nice looking colour. We too are doing blue.

Anne said...

Hang your knitting up somewhere -- on Fred or Ginger (did Ginger ever get her legs fixed?) and just look at ti when you go by -- something will eventually pop out to you to say either this is good or this is'll know.

Yeah to the bedroom painting -- we have to do that oo!

Congrats that the kids are doing so well -- you should be proud. (I know you are!)

mrspao said...

Love the colour of your bedroom. I really must think about having a clear out too :) Hooray for things humming along and prizes

Cheryl said...

My room is Victorian Pewter and
Hear you about holding on, I still have things from when I was 350+..why..I dunno...
LOVE the FI have been stalking for an update, lol....someday I will make them not Now cheryl

Brenda said...

Pretty blue for the bedroom! Serene.
I hope inspiration strikes you soon--it's too pretty a sweater to languish.
And I agree that knitting something just because it is pretty is often necessary!

Nicole said...

I totally understand about the knitting something pretty just because you have to. I've decided to take my Serendipity Stole (the Mystery Stole #4 from 2008, I think) out of its mostly-hibernation and finish it. It's green and beaded and pretty. And I need it, you know?

But oh! Hedgehog Fibers? Why did you link that?... Now I must go visit!

Chris said...

And are you healthy now?? More details on the whoopsy, please. ;)

Michelle said...

Love the blue! Nice to see someone is doing somethings... productive! Unlike myself :(
in a funk for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm just excited to get to work on lace tonight, in fact I'm not sure that I may not implode with excitement.

Sometimes the simplest things can make us so happy.

Congrats on winning lovely yarn from Jeanne! She does have terrific taste.

Linda said...

Nice yarn win, and I do like that lace.

Brigitte said...

Wow, I don't know, but I really like how the new FI is turning out.

I'm so ashamed of my bedroom. I need a major, MAJOR overhaul in there, and a redecorate.

Jeanne said...

Very pretty blue - we are painting our bedroom too - so nice to have it be pretty again!

I can't wait to see what you picked for the yarn - you know I always like what you pick!

Beautiful fair isle - I hope it comes out of time out soon!