Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010- The Winter That Wasn't

Well, it happened. We got snow yesterday, February 22nd- the first snow accumulation we've really had. Just enough to make things slippery and messy- my Rabbit slid a bit, but I am a seasoned driver in the snow-must remember to list that on my CV- but it rained this morning.

Casey, my Chocolate Lab, became a puppy again, as Alex was out shovelling, she rolled around and he threw snowballs at her. She got to show off her "I Love Snow" collar, and very nice she looked too!Chicken Chow Choppers sees no point in snow. He would like to extend his sympathies to Malcolm, as the vet shaved his junk before the "procedure". Oh, the felinity!

In other news, next week is reading-week for the colleges, so Laura is going on her first plane trip to Edmonton, to meet a friend, where they are going to visit and shop. I am so happy for her, and promised to dragon-sit while she is away. They have a large shopping mall- West Edmonton- that has a roller coaster and I think, a huge ice rink, so that will be great.

I have not been knitting- well, apart from a pair of socks for a sick friend, but I have been keeping myself amused:

They finally have the Mary Tyler Moore series 6- the infamous "Chuckles Bites The Dust" episode. It seems he was in a circus parade, dressed as a peanut, and a rogue elephant tried to shell him. I will end this post with one of the best lines in sitcom history- the Clown's Credo:

A little song,
A little dance,
A little seltzer down your pants.

Okay, well, it made me laugh. Keep smiling.


Chris said...

I shall have to work harder to send snow your way! ;)

Nicole said...

Amusement is good. =)

It's raining here today. I'd send it to you, except I really don't want another drought this summer. You can have the cold though, if you want it. That might help with the lack of snow.

Jewel said...

Casey is looking very stylish in her snow collar. I'm with Casey - rolling around in the snow. I miss it a lot. Meemers said that Chow Chops is hot.

Anonymous said...

Labs do love the snow don't they! We have not had any significant snowfall. Significant to me is over 6 inches in one snow. I'm very jealous of everyone in the United STates that lives on the East coast this year.

Brigitte said...

Yeah, I'd say we're getting a bit more snow today...the one day during the week I go into the office. I know, whine whine whine.

Malcolm thanks the Chopper Man for his well wishes. He's still a bit confused by it all...

mrspao said...

We've had more snow than ever this year but still less than you. Chow Chops has the right idea :)