Sunday, January 31, 2010

Food Facts

Warning: Very little knitting content, but alot of whining and self-pity in this post.

I'm still sick. I broke down and went to the doctor. He's a terrific doctor, and always makes me feel better, if not physically, then in spirit. He has a chart on his wall that shows intestines, and bowels, and a lady holding her stomach, in pain with IBS. I told him I felt like the IBS chick, and he ordered some tests. Hopefully, relief is in sight, because it's been more than 3 weeks, and all this Gravol is making me loopy.

So Kitten-Chow, Zelda and I have been hanging around on the sofa alot this week.

And my Dale Fox sweater- I have put it aside, probably never to be finished. I decided that I wasn't feeling the love, and was resenting any time I spent working on it, so on to other things. This represents progress for me, because I refuse to feel any guilt about this.

I also went through any unfinished projects and frogged them, because I'm not going to waste time on something I'm not absolutely happy about.

I have lots to be happy about- Laura has started her college courses, and seems to like her subjects, and I am so glad that she has found something that she can make a living at, that also interests her. As well, FC is lining up a job for Alex, and he can make some money, and get some work experience in his chosen field. The job market is still pretty unsteady, but I have confidence in both of my kids. I admire them both, alot.

I have yet to decide whether eating is actually helping, or not. I must be the only idiot on the planet that can be sick, and still gain weight. Which led me to thinking about food, and all the hang-ups I have. For instance:

- I don't like bananas, but I like banana flavoured things. There is a very small window of opportunity when they become slightly speckled, and only then can I contemplate actually eating one.
- Fruit, such as peaches and plums, have to be rock hard. Any hint of juiciness, and all bets are off. I abhore messy fruit, even oranges. If it's messy, I don't want it.
- Mangoes, need to be firm, ripe, but firm- again, a small window of mango opportunity.
-Steak has to have ketchup- and I know how gross it is, but Alex is the same.
-Chocolate is not my favorite thing. Some people think that is weird.
-FC does this weird Italian thing, where he pours coffee on his corn flakes. I have to leave the house, because the smell is revolting. He doesn't do that anymore.
-I prefer dark turkey meat, and the only way I can eat the white breast meat is in a sandwich with tons of mayo.
-I don't care for tomatoes, but sliced in a toasted tomato sandwich with mayo and s&p- they're divine.
- I don't understand why they put those tiny corn cob things into Chinese food- it must be some sort of joke.
- Raw rutabaga is terrific.
- I don't understand why they still make sliced, white, squishy bread. If they didn't sell it, then kids wouldn't get addicted to it.
-My father, (and I noticed my brother) pile up their Chinese food in one big heap. How do you taste anything, and know what is what?
-Can't tolerate spice of any kind, and when I smell those wonderful curries, I feel cheated and ripped off. Even if I am assured it isn't spicey, I've fallen for that too many times, and now I have curry-trust issues.
-I can eat a green pepper, and still be burping it two weeks later.
-I love corn, but it doesn't love me- enough said.

So, if you've read this far, you know alot about me. FC says my neuroses extend beyond the realm of food, but we really don't want to discuss his issues.

You'll have to trust me on that one. Have a great week, and stay healthy.


Chris said...

I hope the doctor figure out what's up!! :(

I hate bananas and most banana-flavored things, although I love baby food bananas and banana bread or muffins.

Green peppers do that to my dad, my brother and I, too! So do cukes. And, weirdly, watermelon.

Lorraine said...

Chris- Oh gosh, I forgot the watermelon thing- I only eat the very center, I don't like the part near the rind.

I like banana bread too.

Michelle said...

Agreed... life is way too short to spend it knitting things we do not "feel the love" for.
Your list made me smile! :)
I too need ketchup on my steak and eat it well done; shoe leather is more like it.
My poor girl (15) has IBS and spent the last 6 months taking test after test (none of which are too pleasant. She's got a prescription for the discomfort but unfortunately it's a condition that must be managed and will ebb and flow with life's stresses. The doctore thinks an all organic diet is a MUST. Yeah right; tell that to a 15 year old who loves McDonalds and Hershey Bars!!
Anyhoo... wishing you well. Hope you are on the upswing soon!

Brigitte said...

I love peanut butter, and I love chocolate, but I cannot eat both of them together. Except peanut butter cups, but they have to be Reese's. Good for you for getting rid of unloved and never to be finished stuff. I'm right there with you.

Hege said...

Ketchup is an important vegetable in my house:) Sorry to hear you are not feeling better! These food issues creep up on you, I used to eat apples every day, but now I know they cause of many of my problems! Have you read this book? ( I have it, it's very good.
Good job frogging ufo's! I think I may remove some from my list by doing the same. :)

Jewel said...

Bummer your'e still not feeling well. Everyone looks quite comfy on the couch especially The Chopster. Love your jammies!

miyamojo said...

I love how content Chow & Zelda look.

Yay for no guilt! :)

MichaeJames said...

Okay, SERIOUSLY????? I just found out that the love of my life has serious neurosis when it comes to food!!!! You actuall like hard, unripened fruit? That's not quit right, my love. And have you experienced the finest chocolates of the world that melt in you mouth and leave you shivering from your loins to the tips of of your finertips and hair follicles? I must say, however, I am with you COMPLETELY on the dark turkey AND chicken. I've nearly choked to DEATH on the the healthy dry white shit and said NEVER AGAIN!!! I'd rather have high cholesterol and a satisfied palette than a dried out throat from forcing down some moistureless ROT that is supposedly healthy!

Oh Dear, I only want to help. Would therapy help? Maybe you could drag Sybil with you and see if you couldn't sort through all of her personalities, too!!! You'd have to tape that, though. Too fascinating for words!

I LOVE YOU, probiotics, quirks and all!!!!!

Nicole said...

Well, I'm with you on the dark turkey, but not so much the bananas - they have to be pretty near green for me to eat them. If they get spots, I won't touch 'em.

Nicely done on the frogging of UFOs. If I didn't love my UFOs, I'd follow your example. (Sadly I just need more time to knit.)

Carrie K said...

I don't much care for chocolate myself and I loathe dark chocolate. Other than that, your food neuroses are weird.;)Ketchup on steak? horror.

Yay for quitting when you're ahead and frogging when you're done with the project as is. Life's too short to knit things you don't love.

mrspao said...

Hope the doctor gets to the bottom of what's wrong and you are feeling better soon.

I agree with you about the frogging. Life is too short if you aren't feeling the love.

Coffee on cornflakes? That is very odd.

carolyninalaska said...

I'm sure worry that you have been sick for so long!
You do have a lot of "interesting" food preferences... I couldn't resist saying interesting after the discussion on the KAL forum. I think everyone has some unreasoning food preferences... you do have a lot!
Feel better soon! Sorry to hear of the demise of Foxes, but why waste so much time if you don't really love it!