Sunday, January 31, 2010

Food Facts

Warning: Very little knitting content, but alot of whining and self-pity in this post.

I'm still sick. I broke down and went to the doctor. He's a terrific doctor, and always makes me feel better, if not physically, then in spirit. He has a chart on his wall that shows intestines, and bowels, and a lady holding her stomach, in pain with IBS. I told him I felt like the IBS chick, and he ordered some tests. Hopefully, relief is in sight, because it's been more than 3 weeks, and all this Gravol is making me loopy.

So Kitten-Chow, Zelda and I have been hanging around on the sofa alot this week.

And my Dale Fox sweater- I have put it aside, probably never to be finished. I decided that I wasn't feeling the love, and was resenting any time I spent working on it, so on to other things. This represents progress for me, because I refuse to feel any guilt about this.

I also went through any unfinished projects and frogged them, because I'm not going to waste time on something I'm not absolutely happy about.

I have lots to be happy about- Laura has started her college courses, and seems to like her subjects, and I am so glad that she has found something that she can make a living at, that also interests her. As well, FC is lining up a job for Alex, and he can make some money, and get some work experience in his chosen field. The job market is still pretty unsteady, but I have confidence in both of my kids. I admire them both, alot.

I have yet to decide whether eating is actually helping, or not. I must be the only idiot on the planet that can be sick, and still gain weight. Which led me to thinking about food, and all the hang-ups I have. For instance:

- I don't like bananas, but I like banana flavoured things. There is a very small window of opportunity when they become slightly speckled, and only then can I contemplate actually eating one.
- Fruit, such as peaches and plums, have to be rock hard. Any hint of juiciness, and all bets are off. I abhore messy fruit, even oranges. If it's messy, I don't want it.
- Mangoes, need to be firm, ripe, but firm- again, a small window of mango opportunity.
-Steak has to have ketchup- and I know how gross it is, but Alex is the same.
-Chocolate is not my favorite thing. Some people think that is weird.
-FC does this weird Italian thing, where he pours coffee on his corn flakes. I have to leave the house, because the smell is revolting. He doesn't do that anymore.
-I prefer dark turkey meat, and the only way I can eat the white breast meat is in a sandwich with tons of mayo.
-I don't care for tomatoes, but sliced in a toasted tomato sandwich with mayo and s&p- they're divine.
- I don't understand why they put those tiny corn cob things into Chinese food- it must be some sort of joke.
- Raw rutabaga is terrific.
- I don't understand why they still make sliced, white, squishy bread. If they didn't sell it, then kids wouldn't get addicted to it.
-My father, (and I noticed my brother) pile up their Chinese food in one big heap. How do you taste anything, and know what is what?
-Can't tolerate spice of any kind, and when I smell those wonderful curries, I feel cheated and ripped off. Even if I am assured it isn't spicey, I've fallen for that too many times, and now I have curry-trust issues.
-I can eat a green pepper, and still be burping it two weeks later.
-I love corn, but it doesn't love me- enough said.

So, if you've read this far, you know alot about me. FC says my neuroses extend beyond the realm of food, but we really don't want to discuss his issues.

You'll have to trust me on that one. Have a great week, and stay healthy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Of Nerds and Napping...

A funny thing happened to FC that was knitting related. I made him a Star Wars toque for his birthday last year, and he wears it when it's cold out. A lady saw him at the GO station, and admired it. FC said that I had made it for him, and she wanted to know if she could get ahold of the pattern, so someone in her family could make one- she asked "are knitters like chefs, where they don't share their recipes?" I thought that was really funny.

Since the charts aren't mine, if she sees him again, I'll be happy to pass on the info from Ravelry. That hat was the forerunner of "Exterminate" which has proved very popular. I guess there are alot of nerds like FC running around.

In other news, not alot happening on the home front. I am still a bit nauseated, but have armed myself with a large bottle of Gravol, which makes me dopey, but at least I don't have the urge to "rock a barf". Besides, anything "sick" is supposed to be a good thing, amongst the teenage cognoscenti.
My Dale is coming along. I guess I don't have much of an attention span, because I find big projects daunting. It's in time out for a while, but I will finish it.
We haven't had much snow to speak of, so I've been wearing my new Halflingers, shearling lined clogs from Germany. These are perfect- note how well they enhance my workman's socks.
Inspired by my friend Pat, she gave me the recipe for this apple Bundt cake, so I went home and made one. I haven't eaten any, as I need to lose a few pounds, but I had fun baking it.
I got a new knitting bag and needle holder for Christmas, from Slipped Stitch Studios. Sick, eh? Etsy can be a dangerous thing, but I love it.
Kitten-Chow sees nothing wrong with being sleepy- it's a way of life.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Don't Want To Know

In terms of how I am feeling physically- alot of people are kind and ask "how are you?" I will tell you, rather, I will demonstrate in a pictorial, exactly how I am:
It had not escaped my notice, while spending time in the smallest room in the house, that the makers of these products do come up with the most lurid colours-
I think it's even pinker than the Barbie Shoe (prop courtesy of Laura). And btw-don't even consider taking Immodium unless you have copious stores of TNT- or don't plan on going to the bathroom for a minimum of 2 weeks . Aren't you glad you asked?
Back to the important stuff- my Fox sweater has grown the cutest tails.

I have been sticking close to home, due to circumstances, and mooched around for some reading material that didn't require a whole lot of concentration. I got out my beloved copies of Knitter's Almanac, Knitting Around and The Opinionated Knitter. It occurred to me that I have a few things that I completely forgot about- like Meg Swansen's Shawl Collar Vest- I made 3 of them.
This is the oatmeal one, FC's is dark brown. I learned so much from those videos and books. I truly enjoyed watching and learning, and in this case, I knit along with the tape. I have a hard time with theory and book-learning. I'm more a hands-on visual learner. The most valuable one for me was the Fair Isle vest- it changed my knitting life. (apologies for FC's Godzilla that holds his computer cables).

Well, onward and upward. Someone needs to explain to Chops that laying on top of mummy when she is ill really doesn't help. He does mean well, bless his little kitty heart!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Krazee like a Kittee

Happy 2010. I love this time of year- it can be so peaceful. As I am knitting, I am looking out the window, and snow is falling gently. I love snow.

I just wish I could feel as peaceful within. Sometimes, a gauge of my state of mind is how many projects I am working on. For me, what usually works best is to have a major thing, like a shawl or a sweater, as well as a pair of socks or mitts- something to give me a break at a stopping point.

Right now, I am working on my Dale Foxes for the KAL on Ravelry- which is working out wonderfully (the KAL, that is).
I began a pair of mittens in some leftover Spindrift (I have a ginormous ziploc bag full of Spindrift). I am going to reserve judgement about these, but let's just say that I would have done things a little differently. But what's good is I am learning some new techniques.

The other 2 projects are my Kashmir Woolen Rabbit Aeslight shawl, and the Ice Fantasia.

I blocked my Lughnasadh shawl- I used Kauni.

I have always thought that knitting is supposed to give me pleasure, but when I'm working on one thing, I am feeling that I need to be working on something else, or looking up more projects and figuring out if I have the yarn for it, blah blah blah.

I have to stop. I am making myself loony. Like a fish in a carwash. Crazy kinda crazy.
Cats have the right idea, their hobbies are eating and sleeping. Sorry to have woken you up Chow.