Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009- The Year In Review

In reading other blogs, and things in the paper, I have the feeling that many of us are getting tired of the holiday hoopla. Don't get me wrong, I feel extremely fortunate, I have my health, my family whom I adore (despite the bitching) and my sister, brother and his kids- I love them all. I have my knitting peeps- where would I be without you?

I took the tree and decorations down on the 27th. I think that the season's are pushed so much (you can buy a paddle boat and a bathing suit at Costco) that pretty soon, Christmas may eventually begin in December, as opposed to June. By the time the day actually gets here, we've had it.

Being an extreme, all-or-nothing person, I realize that any change I make has to be drastic. Unfortunately, the family doesn't always go along with my wonderful schemes. Oh, well. You'll notice that the weight ticker on the side indicates that I'm going to lose the weight I lost 2 years ago. Having said that, here is a wonderful picture of the last mince tart of 2009.
FC caught the flu that everyone but me seems to have, so he's been laying around with chest congestione, but I'm sure it's more from lack of sleep and not taking care of himself. So that needs to change.

Aside from the usual weight issues, the other big thing around here is finances. While we seem to be better off than some people in that FC has a job, both of the kids are in college, which means tuition, books, etc. At this moment, I feel that if I never see another shopping mall or box store, I'd be really happy. Major simplifying is in order. Menu plans, organization and deciding what we really need, as opposed to want will make a huge difference.

What matters in life? Family, friends, health, some food and a roof over your head. The rest is really surplus to requirements. Just watching the people on boxing day, running around, trying to get a bargain, it hit me. Is a bigger TV really going to make you happy? Still, I don't think the sales figures were up this year. There are some positive aspects to a recession. Bigger is not always better.

I did get some lovely yarn for Christmas, which I didn't need, but made me happy anyway. Some lovely Kashmir and my favorite Whisper laceweight-
The colors are Oh, Ruby and the Kashmir is in Rib-bit. I am making an Aestlight shawl.

2010 will be more about satisfying the spirit and the soul. So I'm raising my cup of tea, and wishing you all peace and joy this New Years. Keep it simple.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Autobahn For All

Today is December 23. Do you want to know how I know that? Even if there weren't a calendar in the house, or my watch didn't have a date thingy on it (not that I can see it anymore)- I would know. This morning FC and I got up and started the Christmas cooking. He is being a nice guy and cooking the sausage meat for the stuffing, I have done the potato casserole, and the turnips and carrots, as well as the rice, onions and celery. I now understand why people drink, because up until now I have had no taste for it, but I really get it now.

It has not been without it's share of fun. Dearest Chris, wanted to know if this was Kitten-Chow:
To which KC is replying:
You see, KC knows how much she hates her picture being shown, and unfortunately Auntie Brigitte got caught up in this, but all in a good cause. Chris knows that KC has no nuts!

We have wondered, if perhaps KC has been moonlighting for Hallmark.
But no matter. I have shopped, wrapped, cleaned, and now I have begun a new project, Anne Hanson's Ice Fantasia in BMFA Laci, Winter Solstice- with wonderful icy beads.
We are also beginning our "Knit A Norwegian" KAL over at Ravelry on January 1st- so come and join us for that.
I'll leave you with this last Anne Taintor image, who just describes my life so well. If you want me, I'll either be under the Volkswagon, or curled up under the blanket with Mayhem. That is, if Chris is still speaking to me.

Merry Christmas, and may all your yarn dreams come true!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Autumn 2009 Part 2

One thing I did accomplish, and nearly forgot about, was my newest design for Twisted Traditions, Dorset Down. I used Donegal Tweed, and the sheep that was knit on the front looked just like a Dorset, with it's airplane ears. There's alot of I-cord detail that you can't see in the pic, and you may notice that there was a lack of models available, so I posed for this myself. It's a little Baby Jane Hudson-ish.

In the cute animal department, let me introduce you to Mickey, my brother's Chow puppy. That is the face of a future champion, and he is every bit as lovable as he looks.
Laura got another Beardie- Suzy- which we call "McGluck" and she and Zelda are so cute together. They have developed a liking for fresh raspberries, and they are hilarious with red juice stains on their mouths.

Chops, well, he's been banished from the bedroom, orders of FC. He's used to sleeping at my feet, and wakes up for morning luvins. I wonder if he's gone too far this time? What will Santa put in his stocking this year?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Autumn 2009 Part 1

I'm still not quite getting the hang of this Ubuntu thing.  It's messing with my camera and it's messing with what's left of my brains.

I have been knitting these last four months- project monogamy being the thing.  I finished Anne Hanson's Irtf'a, or Raven shawl.  This is the first Faeroese shape I have done, and wasn't nearly as complicated as I first thought.  I added some teal shimmery beads to the bottom quill pattern.

Another Anne Hanson, this time from Twist Collective, her Gnarled Oakwoods wrap.  I didn't use the center pattern, and I also didn't graft 2 pieces in the center- I simply knit the first chart for a number of repeats, adding Root Beer iridescent beads (sparkle Ho that I am) and used Dream In Color Baby, in November Muse.  I love this piece, to pieces!

I know you all want to know how Kitten-Chow has been.  Very naughty, as it happens.  Yesterday when we brought in the Christmas tree, and we rolled up the area rug in the living room.  He wasn't happy, and left a message for me on my bed.  It's getting to the point that we're afraid to do anything around here, in case we upset him.  What next?

This is my Norfolk Pine knitter's Christmas tree- my friend made all the knitted ornaments, and this thrills me no end.

How is everyone doing this year?  Have you spent more?  Done all your shopping?  Started wrapping yet? Huh?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back In The Saddle

"What's the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods?
Santa stops at three Ho's"

It happened while I was making banana bread this morning....I had an epiphany.  I have noticed that they can happen at the oddest when I'm paying for groceries, or doing a Sudoku.  I decided that this year I would concentrate on the things that make me happy: baking, knitting, quilting, needlepoint, and being with friends.  I think a large part of my social life is conducted through the blogging medium, and it really suits me.  For a while, it looked as if the art of weblogging was dying out- but that's more the rhythm of life.  People come and go.

I have alot of expectations of myself, and one of them is if I can't do a great job of something, I would rather not do it at all.  How realistic is that?  While stirring the chocolate kisses into the batter, I thought," hey- you can't be good at everything".  So maybe good enough will have to be good enough.  I think I've reached a place where I'm okay with that.  The only person I need to impress is myself.  And possibly my husband.  Maybe the next door neighbor too.

I haven't fallen off the radar completely.  I have been reading your blogs and snooping in your Ravelry notebooks at your projects and stashes.  I am incurably curious about what others are doing, and I get such inspiration and warm fuzzies from the connection.  So, the blog will continue, and I hope to have some time to devote to posting on a regular basis.  It keeps me honest, and is a bigger part of my life than I was willing to admit.

Tomorrow I'll catch up with you, show you some FO's and some pics.  It's good to be here.