Thursday, December 29, 2016

Moving Day

I hate to be a negative Nelly, but 2016 kinda wasn't a good year on a number of levels. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that my family and friends are all well and thriving, of course. I never take such things for granted.

I was not going to mention the election, because I am very non-political, but even the most uninterested bystander couldn't help but notice what's going on south of the border- and truly, didn't think it would happen. I think we're living in, let's say, interesting times.

To that end, I am beginning another blog. The Sheriff has served me well, but I have taken some new directions and I love having a new place to get comfortable in, and host my blog buddies.

I'm still knitting, still spinning, as well as reading, stitching and trying to lose weight. The kitties will be there, as well as FC and the rest of the gang.

I love reading about you, what you're working on, what inspires you, and I have made some great friends. I love that we can show each other pictures and kind of be there for each other.

I will be closing this blog down soon, and invite you to follow me to:

Please take your place at my table. You are most welcome.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pardon Me, Your Phone is Bleating

Kathy has some great questions- so let's play.
  1. Have you ever knit a Christmas Ornament?
  2. Have you ever knit with sparkle yarn?
  3. Did you buy yarn while traveling this year?
  4. When’s the last time you wore something you knit?
  5. Do you remember your dreams?
  6. What’s the one thing you don’t want to run out of?
  7. Deep dish or thin pizza?
  8. Name a favorite holiday music cd, or album for us oldies
  9. How do you remind yourself a candle has been lit?
  10. What’s the ringtone on your phone?

    This is my cell phone case.

    1. You know, I don't think I ever have.
    2. I have knit with sparkle yarn, but I don't think it was for a garment.
     3. I did buy yarn and fiber in Michigan in August.
    4. I wore some mittens and a hat this week.
    5. I do remember them because they are vivid and weird.
    6. I don't want to run out of milk for my tea. I will never run out of tea again because I did once and it was horrible.
    7. Thin pizza- Margherita, easy on the sauce. I don't like anything that is messy.
    8. Favorite is Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas music.
    9. I don't like to light candles as a rule, and only beeswax.
    10. Lol- the ringtone on my phone is a bleating sheep.

    Clawed thinks I should have a mewing kitty ringtone.



Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dr. Who Festivus

This year I seem to be feeling the Christmas burnout a bit earlier than usual. All the cards are sent, most of the wrapping is done, and I think I'm on the final pair of socks... hard to tell, because I have made a ton of socks this year. I have sock stupor.

These are made from BMFA Socks That Rock Mediumweight in "Red Drone Dalek".
And here we have one on the tree- got this last year at Say Tea.
I have finished piecing this runner and will hopefully finish today.
This fat baby is taking advantage of FC's new hobby of birdwatching, and eating all the dropped seeds from the feeder. We did have a big dump of snow on Sunday- hope we have a white Christmas.
This other fat baby is hoping for Party Mix in his stocking.

Fleece out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Will No One Think Of The Baubles?

Kathy at Compassionknit has some great questions for December, so let's play.

*Can you knit something by *heart*
*Would you like some yarn for Chirstmas?
*Did you shovel any snow this December?
*Can you make a bow for a package or gift?
*Do you buy used books or new?
*Have you seen a living Nativity?
*Have you ever received home baked cookies in the mail?
*When was the last time your toes froze and your nose was red?
*Did you know that Christmas and Hanukkah are intertwined this year?
*Do you love to get a Christmas card? 

1. Yes, socks. And fingerless mittens.
2. Oooooh, yes please!
3. Nope. I would love some snow, but it isn't happening.
4. I can. I prefer not to.
5. I usually buy new books. If it's a book that is out of print, I will go the used route, however, I am sensitive to smells, and shy away from used book stores.
6. Does a kindergarten one count?
7. Not in the mail, no.
8. The year before last. The whole of February was well below 0.
9. I didn't, but that's cool.
10. I love to get anything in the mail, aside from bills and circulars. A Christmas card is great.

I have wanted a German Feather tree for years, but they are a bit cost-prohibitive. I found this on EBay, and it's from a display company. I like it.
It has all my sheep ornaments on it. And best of all, the cats aren't interested. Go figure.

I have no knitting or anything this time. My gift knitting is done, and I'm feeling slightly burned out.  I have table runners to finish for myself and Miss Mew (she's doing her own) and that's pushing it.
More decs.....
"you guys placed the good stuff at the top where we can't get it..."

Fleece out.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Advanced Style

Just in case you were wondering, the Ten On Tuesday prompt is monthly now, so I will post as and when. No that you were (wondering, that is).

Creativity is in full flood right now. I was planning on making a number of my Christmas gifts this year- and I am down to the last few. So far, there are project bags, sheep ornaments as well as some table runners.
Bit of a story with this. I broke my even feed foot, and went to order a new one. It turns out that I have been using the wrong one for my machine for over 20 years, and it's a miracle I didn't do permanent damage to it. There are so many exquisite fabrics out now that it is so hard to resist, but a small project like this gives me my fix.
This body form- dressmakers dummy- was given to my sister, who then gave it to Miss Mew who then gave it to me. I'm sure she will come in handy, but it really creeps me out. I hope to be doing more clothes sewing in 2017.

I have felt a clothes rant coming on for a while now. You can skip this, but if you know a younger person esp. a girl, she may benefit from it. Or not- it's my opinion, that's all.

I think that we are fortunate to live in times that doesn't really shock all that easily. Having said that, I think that there are instances  when the "appropriate" barrier has been breached, and that, I think, is something to consider when you are presenting yourself. These days, I always admire a well dressed person, who makes an effort, and is, above all, individual.  Fashions and trends come and go, but you need to be true to yourself. I remember true horrors like tube tops, knickers (knickerbockers in UK) and toe socks. Sure, a bit of fun, but I was never very comfortable in anything that was revealing. I always thought women looked better in a bra, because it gives you shape as well as defying Mr. Gravity.

The current trend for skinny jeans (they flatter very few) and strapless gowns (they flatter even fewer) as well as wearing leggings and nothing over them- I am going to shout here LEGGINGS ARE AN UNDERPINNING- NOT TO BE WORN IN PLACE OF TROUSERS!!!!!! And older ladies especially- no one wants to see your cottage cheese bottom. Trust me on this.

So it is INAPPROPRIATE, especially in an older woman, to follow that trend. And don't wear moccasins as shoes. Only teenagers who like to wear pajama bottoms outside can do it, and even then, they shouldn't.

As you know, I am a fan of the linen tunic and dresses, but even there, you must be careful. To avoid looking like an aging Disco Queen, avoid the shiny ones, or the athletic ones, unless you are doing sports or Yoga. Avoid, at all costs, the peek-a-boo panel.

I've jacked a few pics from Etsy of things I like.
This is from Folkstead, and it is a apron/tunic that can be worn just about anywhere. Not terribly expensive- I'm all about spending a bit more for fewer pieces. I think the chicken is optional.
I am totally in love with this dress. It's from Megby Designs in Aussie. Not too pricey when you consider that this is something that can be dressed up or down, and looks better the more you wash it. I am firmly in the person-who-irons-everything camp, but even wrinkled, it looks good.

I would wear the hell out of this. Gudrun Sjoden, of course.

I've also decided more colour is better. I can wear black and grey, and love grey, but colour (bright colour) is happier.

As I always told Miss Mew, whose style is very different from mine, but I admire her all the same, ABA- Always Be Appropriate. To the occasion, to the place, and most of all, what YOU like. You can be Goth (and I love the Goth look) or Retro, or whatever speaks to you, but go out there, wear some colour and be true to yourself.
" the rant over yet, Tino?"

Thursday, November 3, 2016

From Falmouth to Filey

Hey- I've been MIA because of a horrible virus or whatever it is, and now I'm into about the 4th week and still coughing. FC and Alex too, Miss Mew as well. I don't think the weather is helping, one day cold and the next, positively balmy.

I'm a little behind on my craft projects, but I wanted to tell you that I have finished Alex's Gansey.
I had to take the pics outside, because it's Falmouth Navy, a really dark shade. I used traditional Filey patterns for this one, the hallmark being "Betty Martin" (no one knows who she is) but it's a stitch pattern used on the sides, and upper arms.
A little hard to see, but his initials are there above the ribbing. I can now die peacefully, having made my son a gansey. He will have this  forever and look so handsome in it. Didn't take too long as I put it aside during the hot hell that was summer. I used 2.75mm needles and the fabric is perfect.

Not much else to report on. The news is full of the election in the US- so we'll see what happens there.

I hope everyone is enjoying Autumn- I have almost completed my Christmas shopping, and hope I never see a shopping mall again this year.

Fleece out.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

In Celebration....

Twisted Traditions, my pattern store is celebrating 10 Years of Twisted!!! Many of you know me from this blog, which started in 2004, and a few years later I began Twisted Traditions.

 If you head over to Ravelry, you can get a free sock pattern- Dream Weavers.

I have also added a new Fair Isle design, Scrub Oaks & Maples  which is not free, but have a look anyway. My thanks to my tech editor and of course, Miss Mew.
Perfect for fall, n'cest pas?

Here's to more Twisted- more colour, more style and more Can Con!

Fleece out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Annual Turkey Stupor

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Some of us piled into our cars on Saturday and visited the Ball's Fall's Thanksgiving Festival. There was food, vendors, and music (bluegrass) and the weather was perfect. Totally my kind of weekend.
This is the chapel all decorated. They have an old grist mill and I bought some flour. They also had wool and roving from this charming place, and I now have some Newfoundland/Soay roving, which, let me tell you, you can't just get anywhere.

I had a wonderful caramel apple (no peanuts or other crap on it) and we also got soap and icewine jelly. I got some ornaments for the tree from a local potter.

She had some lovely bowls and mugs, but really, I cannot fit one more mug in this house (Emma Bridgewater excepted).

We had turkey on Sunday, and everyone agreed that it was the juiciest one yet. Lots of stuffing and mashed potatoes, gravy and Miss Mew made a wonderful pumpkin pie. My girl is becoming quite the cook, and I hope she provides dessert for Christmas maybe.

Speaking of ornaments, I made some prototypes of the Shetland Sheep- one kind of looks like a Zwartbles, but no one probably will notice.
A bit like a Zwartbles- yes.

Today, FC and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. A few months ago I got a white gold band with blue diamonds, and he got some hard drives. We'll probably have turkey sandwiches tonight, which I enjoy just as much as the turkey itself, so it's all good.

Mr. Clawed is very pensive, but enjoying having the window ledge to himself.

Fleece out.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Peppermint Patty in the Pumpkin Patch

It's been awhile. I like that we're in October already because I always feel more inspired and stoked when cooler weather hits. It has been mild but not HUMID so there's that. I have lots to show you.

First, on the advice of my friend, I am doing light therapy. For 30 minutes each morning I sit in front of a daylight bulb and read or knit. I am pretty sure that I am feeling the effects after only 3 days, but anything is better than not being able to wake up, and not being cognizant for an hour afterward. Not sure if I actually suffer from SAD, but I am here to tell you it is real, and it happens. I'm not much of a sun person at the best of times, so I probably am deficient in Vitamin D. I'll let you know more in a few weeks time.

Alexander's Filey Gansey is coming along. I picked this up again last week and have given myself the rest of October to finish it. Doable, I hope.
I finished my pillow Boo & Baa-bie. 
I will add some bells to the bottom and ribbon and hang it up..somewhere....
I also sewed a few project bags for gifts. FC found this fabric when we went to Michigan. Isn't it great?

I had an idea a while back to make my own Sheep ornaments. I ordered some plywood sheep cutouts on Etsy (love Etsy) and FC drilled a hole in the top. I have some Shetland roving and I am going to paint the sheep, and put some roving around the body. Then I can needlefelt the markings, add a bell and a hanger and we're done. Shetland sheep come in many colours and markings so this should be interesting.
While we're on the subject of Etsy, I have been intrigued by this seller .
 I ordered some of her Halloween self-striping sock yarn, and look at her presentation. These should be fun to do.

The handspun sweater is blocked and drying, and I will sew on the buttons and put it on the dummy. Also, a new Fair Isle is modeled and written up, as well as a new free sock pattern. I think I have gotten more done in the last couple of weeks than since May.

If you're looking for some new reading material, Janine, The Feral Knitter has published her book on Fair Isle and it looks intriguing. I've always admired her design ethic.  Vogue Knitting has some articles on Shetland as well.

As well, there are cats......

Who sometimes get along. Here are the "Earl Greys".


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ten On Tuesday- Quiche, Lorraine?

The Ten on Tuesday was something about football season and food, and my eyes glazed over at the word "football" so I'm not participating this week.

But food- yesterday I made my MacGyvered quiche-y thing, and I remembered I wanted to share with you guys. It's so easy and versatile and so good, you'll love it. And real men can eat it.

Quiche, Lorraine? (see what I did there?)

1 bag of frozen hash browns
1 package of Sea legs (or ham steak, or what you decide to use)
half a red onion
1 package frozen cauliflower
1 cup shredded cheddar
1 cup shredded Monterey
12 eggs
1/2 cup light cream
fresh grated nutmeg

(This recipe makes 2- but you can halve the ingredients easily)

 Spray 2 pyrex pie plates with Pam. Preheat oven to 375 deg. Spread frozen hash browns on the bottom to provide a base.  Dice the onion and spread 1/2 on each plate evenly. Add sea legs (I broke up smoked salmon on the second one).
Add thawed cauliflower and distribute evenly.
Add 1/2 cup of each cheese evenly on top.
In a large measuring cup, break 6 eggs and add enough cream to make 2 cups. Mix with a fork and grate fresh nutmeg. (This is important, NEVER use already ground up nutmeg, it has no flavour.) Mix again and pour s-l-o-w-l-y and evenly over the pie.  Do this again for the second one.

Bake for an hour. They come out all puffy.

The cool part here is that this is really adaptable.  Some other combos are broccoli/ham, bacon/spinach- and also just plain vegetarian is really good. AND you can freeze one.  And try another kind of cheese- I'm thinking some blue or feta would be yummy.

It has become cooler the last couple of days- which has brightened my mood considerably.  I am still working on my top-down cardi, so nothing really to see here. I am planning on going to a festival in October (not a fiber one...) and I have gone through about half of my clothes and am giving away tons.

I'm now off to pick up a part for my car- the hatch lock has rusted and it's being held down by a rope.  I know, classy.
"I'm ready for my post-breakfast sleep....."
Valentino is very handsome, and very wicked.

Quiche out.